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I started Cinematic Stories because I have a passion for visual storytelling. I spend my days writing about, thinking about, and testing out new techniques and perfecting older ones. I am constantly improving my craft, attending workshops, and learning new and better ways to tell your story - visually.

The internet is a great medium for learning and video is one of the best mediums for education and informing. When the internet revolution started the companies that were most hurt by this new information revolution were local ones. No longer were local choices the only choice. They were now just one-click away from a "competitor" that may have been halfway across the country - or the world. But the power of a Cinematic Stories film will allow you to reach out to your customers, near or far, and to personally tell them about what makes you and your company or service unique.

I am available 7 days a week to talk or provide additional information. You can reach me via the Contact page or by calling us at 603.601.4120.

Thank you for taking the time to view the site.

Ron Risman
Cinematic Stories