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A Cinematic Stories wedding film goes beyond a portrait of your wedding day. We create films that capture the warmth, emotion, and story of your day. We know that a wedding is one of the only occasions in your lifetime when your friends and extended family all come together in celebration, and we are there to capture all of it; the preparations, the vows, the speeches and toasts, the hugs, the dancing, the laughter, and the forming of a new family. We are passionate about what we do and we hope it shows in our films.

We specialize in visual storytelling and use our knowledge of light, sound, and composition in a way that draws the viewer into the story. We love the creative side of wedding filmmaking and realize that it's our vision that sets our work apart. We also understand that many videographers end us making your wedding feel more like a production than a wedding. That is not how we operate. We work extremely hard to stay out of the way, while also capturing all the most incredible moments of your day.

When my family celebrated our parents 50th wedding anniversary last year I had a chance to look through their wedding album. To see how beautiful my mom looked on her wedding day and how incredible my dad looked was such a gift. I had tears in my eyes as I looked through the wedding album, knowing that this is all we had from the day they were married. It would have been so great to have been able to watch their first dance and to see the expressions on the faces of my grandparents. To hear their voices and laughter, to see their mannerisms, to have the opportunity to relive that moment that I wasn't around to witness, and to be able to show my daughter (now 22) what her grandparents and great grandparents were like when they were her age. Photography captures a part of the story but without motion and sound you really cannot visualize and re-experience that day.

We are available 7 days a week to talk or provide additional information. You can reach us via the Contact page or by calling us at 781.269.2105.